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Dec 29, 2014
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Hey everyone i just wanted to run some things by you all and kind of get a consensus as to how people/adcoms will view this.

So at my UG institution, i am able to get up to 9 units of research to count towards my major. That being said i am going into my 3rd year and was planning on taking 3 units of research a quarter this year and possibly next year, which would most likely be a free "A". The research units fall under a science course code so my questions are as follows:

1.) Since these units fall under a course code in the science department can i factor them into my sGPA on AMCAS? Or would they only count towards cGPA?

Also, i have the opportunity to take more research units for my 4th year but they wouldn't count towards my major they would just be free units going towards graduation.

2.) Is it suspicious if i take a whole other years worth of research units my 4th year and just have them factor into my cGPA? Since i wont be able to apply them to my major, but they would still be listed as a science course code can i factor it again into my sGPA?

I feel as if this is a cheap way to boost GPA which i will 100% agree that it is but would adcoms look down on it or even notice it? Im assuming if they saw them there for 2 years they would expect some substantial results or publications from the lab correct? I feel like this is a gray area so i just want some clarification. :D Thank you.
Oct 26, 2015
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They will factor into sgpa with a science department course code. It will not be suspicious, it will just look like you are getting credit using research (IMO obviously). It is not cheap at all, I have friends that have gotten B's in research credit because their professors were not happy with their results/work ethic.
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Mar 7, 2005
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@desiredmembername123 has answered as I would have. Whether it counts toward sGPA all depends on whether the course code is Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Math (or the subjects that are categorized as BCPM).
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