Researching Medical Schools???

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Jul 17, 2002
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Just wondering if you guys who are in the preparation to apply to medical school have done any
extensive researching of schools you are applying to? I am just curios because I am almost for
sure they would ask something like, "What do you like the most about our program?" or, "What
made you decide to apply to ___ Med School?" I was listening to the Stanford admissions Officer
a few weeks back and he seemed to be emphasizing that the applicants know in depth the school
they are applying to.

I am definitely going to research the schools I apply to, but to what degree should someone know
about the school. If for example a average pre med applies to 20 schools, should they research all
20 or should he/she wait till they get an interest letter from the school or a call.

Then I start to think, well what if someone calls me in the middle of the day unexpectedly and
asks me a question about their school. Situation like that would be rather embarrassing, yet at the
same time we can't be expected to know everything about the school. Tell me what you guys

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Aug 23, 2002
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Detailed research is probably best done only if you have an interview there or on a secondary. That's the only time you'll really be asked anything.



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Jun 13, 2002
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RA is right...they won't call you randomly to interrogate you. i wouldn't worry about that...

that being said, there are a lot of schools out there and it wouldn't hurt to to do your research so that you can intelligently pick the schools you're applying to. numbers mean a lot (as in if you actually have a chance of getting in), but so does your fit with the school. do you research for yourself. you should know why you're applying before you shell over the ~$100 to complete the secondary and primary.

good luck!


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Jul 13, 2001
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No, they won't call you randomly, but really, you don't want to waste money applying to schools that you really wouldn't want to go to if admitted. I spent a lot of time poring over the MSAR and USNews rankings figuring out where to apply. I think it was time well-spent. Still, some schools that I interviewed at, I decided I really wouldn't want to go to. Tulane comes to mind. I just don't think I could have survived in that climate!! Still, if you really want to maximize your odds, you need to apply to quite a few schools. It would be kind of a drag to find out, after researching the school post interview invite, that you really didn't think you could stand living there for 4 years. Of course, once you're invited for an interview, you really focus on what it was about the school that caused you to apply there in the first place. There are 150 U.S. medical schools -- better do a little research at the front end.