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Reset QBank's history....

Discussion in 'Step I' started by mlh25, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows how to do this? I started using the program a few months ago so I've finished a lot of the questions but I'd like to go over it again. How do I get it to keep track of which Q's Ive done the second time around?

    It's not that I care that much about the history, I just don't want to end up doing the same fifty Q's over and over..
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  3. Idiopathic

    Idiopathic Newly Minted
    Lifetime Donor Classifieds Approved 10+ Year Member

    Apr 21, 2003
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    Attending Physician
    Someone mentioned calling Kaplan. I dont know if they will do it though. It is kind of a safeguard against people 'selling' their QBank membership.
  4. Jaded Soul

    Jaded Soul Proloxil > Zoloft
    7+ Year Member

    Apr 13, 2003
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    They won't do it. I tried to contact them for the same thing last year and they said no.
  5. Sohalia

    Sohalia namaste
    7+ Year Member

    Jul 13, 2002
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    I actually just called today and the guy I talked to (after asking someone else) said that the memory could be cleared if you want to do the questions again after you finish them. I don't have Qbank myself yet, so I don't know the actual logistics of how you're suppposed to clear it, but he said that it was pretty easy to do.

    If anyone who actually tries this 1.) does it successfully 2.) has problems doing it, could you please post back? As I said, the guy I talked to had to ask someone else to find out if it could be done, and he didn't give a lot of details. Though I probably will get Qbank, I would like to know what the real deal is with clearing the memory.

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