Resetting UWorld

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May 30, 2011
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Hi everybody. I am taking step in about 4 weeks from now and almost done with my first pass through. And was wondering if it's a good idea to reset it now or closer to the date? (I've been using it since the beginning of MS2, so my average doesn't give me a good idea of where I am now.)

And just in general how people go about doing it for the second time? Thanks in advance.


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Jun 22, 2009
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I'd be interested in this too- only got about 20% left to do. Started out in the 50/60's, but 3 weeks in I'm in the mid to upper 70s on random blocks of questions . Not sure if this is because I'm actually improving or because I'm seeing the questions for a second time and have learned those specific facts well.

I've also been combining this with Kaplan QBank. Though, while I find QBank helpful for learning, I always do significantly worse on it than UWorld as it tends to just test small facts rather than the more clinical orientation of Step 1. So, I'm hoping UWorld is a better predictor (i.e. still averaging in the 60's on QBank).