Residencies in Portland or Seattle


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Jan 24, 2004
    I am very interested in going to portland or seattle for a residency after med school in NYC. Is it reasonable to expect a decent (preferably at UW or OHSC) residency position in either city coming from out of state? I never see these cities or universities on matchlists of most schools. Anyone know?


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    Feb 28, 2001
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      I think it is reasonable to be considered for a slot there. Whether or not you would get a slot depends on your competitiveness and your specialty of choice. In the fourth year class at my school (Rochester), one person has already matched at UW, four people have it ranked first and another half dozen have it ranked second or third. Two or Three have ranked Portland first as well. UW has some outstanding residency programs I know it is in the top ten for Peds and many consider it the best Path program.

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      Feb 27, 2003
        just wondering, why?
        from your post it seems you have never even been there, and you spelled ohsu wrong. it seems weird that people want to go to my state who have don't even know where it is on a map..


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        Mar 17, 2003
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          University of Washington is one of the best all around training sites on the west coast. Plus Seattle, though not as heavily desired to live in as say SF or LA, attracts tons of people making their programs that much more competitive. NY, Chicago, LA have tons of programs some great some good some fair, but Seattle and SF have relatively few making the strong ones UCSF, Stanford, and U W incredibly competitive.

          OHSU from what I have seen, is solid but rather small as is Portland. Still it is a desirable place to live for certain people and so it is midly competitive.


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          Dec 21, 2002
            I interviewed at both places and just matched in medicine at OHSU from a med school on the east coast Several people from my school have gone to UW and OHSU in the past for various residencies. Being from an east coast school will certainly not be held against you in any way and may actually help. Both are great programs and located in popular cities. UW residencies are especially competitive and among the best in the country in terms of prestige.
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