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    hi all
    I've just recently started surfing the net for medical career/residency oppurnities in the US...
    I am interested in doing a residency in the US..but i have alot of questions..
    It would be great if i could get some clarifications
    1. Is the USMLE still a 2 part exam.??
    2. What kind of visa is required ?
    3. Is it possible to be accepted in a residency programme and not get a visa??
    4. Other than USMLE scores what are the other criteria for entry into a residency??
    5. What are the possibilities of changing from one residency to another , once in the US??

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    Jul 5, 2000
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    1. J-1 visa is required
    2. USMLE is a three step test Step 1=after first two years Step 2=after graduation, Step 3=for certification of residency (board eligibility?)
    3. You must be certified by the Commission on foreign medical graduates, ie verification of USMLE 1 and 2 plus verification of medical degree.
    4. You most likely must interview at the hospitals you wish to practice in, as well as enter the allopathic "match" (not sure though)
    5. Most importantly, the clinical skills assessment test must be passed by the above commission, at the princely sum of 1500 dollars.

    Good Luck and Godspeed,


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