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    I want to know if anyone has any information on how long the USMLE boards are good for in applying to residency. I took boards part I and part II, graduated from medical school, and then went on to do other non-medical things for the past three years. I'm now thinking about going back to residency. I'm wondering what obstacles I may confront (other than the obvious loss of memory). Do the boards expire? Do residency programs accept people after a couple years recess? Any input would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Depends on what field you apply for. Off the top of my head, I believe you have 7 years to complete all Steps of the licensing exam. Three years out should be fine. Of course if you are a FMG, you may encounter more problems. As a US Grad, you should still be fine.

  3. MEAT is correct - you currently have 7 years from Step 1 to complete all 3 USMLE steps.

    The NRMP does not publish data on the match success of applicants who have graduated several years before and have not already begun residency. You will be lumped into the "physician" category (as opposed to graduating seniors). These individuals DO have a lower match rate, but I suspect this is because many are switching residencies and HCFA funding is a concern for some programs.

    Some programs might be concerned about the loss of clinical and intellectual skills during your time off. I would suggest contacting a residency program and getting their take on it.

    Best of luck!

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