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Residency and additional loan


Full Member
10+ Year Member
May 15, 2008
  1. Dental Student
I know there are several who may want to respond negatively to this but please try to keep it to yourself.
I'm wanting to know if it's possible to pull out additional private "student" loans while in residency. I haven't had to go to a bank for additional loan yet but I'm wondering if I can while in residency, in case the stipend isn't enough. If so, can you please provide information on which bank(s) is easy/friendly to work with. I'm only interested in a student loan that will not require payments until after residency.


Full Member
7+ Year Member
Feb 24, 2012
  1. Dentist
hello and good luck to you!

As a general rule you can take out loans in residency as long as you are paying tuition. If you're not paying tuition (4 yr OMS residency, for example) you might not be eligible for student loans. There was (10 yrs ago) a generic loan called "residency relocation loan" that covered moving expenses and all...I think you could take out 10-15 K; that loan might still be available for your 1st yr of residency, even if you're not paying tuition.

My private loans came through keybank and access group, both were easy to work with.

As far as deferment goes, they only last so long and it may be impossible to all loans deferred, probably depends on how long you're reidency is and if you have already used any deferment time.

Lastly, try as hard as possible to take out as little loan as possible. Student loan repayments suck. Really budget how much you need to survive on and defer the lavish life until your income can afford it.
Good luck!
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