Oct 30, 2013
Medical Student
Hi, guys! This is my very first post, so i am a little nervous if this is the right place for the thread and so on. :) I couldn't find if i am repeating an already existing thread, so i beg your pardon if it is so.

So, what is my problem exactly. I am 5-th year medical student and it is time for me to make some though decisions. Because of personal reasons i might be unable to become resident in my country. So i was wondering if you could tell me which countries in Europe provide residency in English, despite the obvious(UK and Ireland). I would be very grateful if you were able to help me.

I am afraid if that question is mainstream, but unfortunately i find it very hard to find information about this topic. Thanks in advance! :)


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Sep 28, 2007
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I believe Malta has a program in English but you have to be willing to learn Maltese (which they teach in the 1st 2 years)

No other countries come to mind. I think Slovakia also offers residency programs in English but they charge quite hefty fees. (Something like 12,000 EUR for 6 years)
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