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May 22, 2005
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Hello everyone,

I was just wondering, how is the residency application process as compared to the medical school application process?

I see parallels (Undergrad GPA = Med school rank, MCAT score = Step 1 score), but what about all the other things that were considered in whether or not you were accepted to medical school? Like volunteering, leadership, letters of recommendation, outside interests, etc? Does any of that matter like it did the first time? Or is it pretty much get good grades and good step score and you're set? Do med students even do any of that anymore, or is it mostly studying?

Basically, I'm wondering if the residency application process forces you to fit the mold of selfless humanitarian as the medical school process seems to do. I knew early on in my undergraduate time that I had to do more than just get good grades to get in.

Hopefully that didn't sound too shallow.
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