Residency In Australia

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Nov 21, 2006
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Hi everyone..
First of all i want to say that this forum helped me a lot of getting so many infos and suggestions..
Am a greek guy who just graduated from the university of Bologna, Italy so i just wanted to make some questions about the residency in oz:
1)do i really have to take the AMS MCQ and clinical exams?(..the fees are pretty much so am really thinking of it)
2)i read somewhere that once u pass the AMS MCQ u have to wait like 9-14 months to have the chance to give the clinical exam(is that true..??)
3)do anyone knows where can i find material or books(and which) for the preparation in these exams and if it's more convinient to come to oz to do the preparation
..thats for the moment..thnx..i am really waiting for an answer