Residency in sweden, Information required, please help!

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Aug 31, 2011
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I am a medical graduate in India. I have completed my MBBS this year and am presently working as a Junior Resident in the department of Anaesthesia. I would like to study Post-graduation in OB_GYN, Orthopaedics or surgery in Sweden. I have enquired on the net for information, but I still have the following doubts.

1. Do I have to appear an exam on medical skills as I have completed my Intern ship (Duration- 1 year)?
2. I know that Swedish speaking skill is required, but do I need a certificate for my speaking skills?
3. If my experience is deemed insufficient, will I have to go for Internship in Sweden? If yes, what will be the duration and pay during the period.
4. Can I apply for universities before getting registration in Sweden? Or I have to do that afterwards? Is there any exams involved?
5. During residency, is there any pay? Is the pay sufficient to maintain a moderate lifestyle?
6.What is the job situation for Non-EU grads before residency and after residency?
7. With a Swedish specialisation, will I be able to apply for jobs in other EU countries?
8. Will you advise me to complete my specialisation in India before trying.

Thanks in Advace