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Residency in US

Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by Milan, Nov 11, 2000.

  1. Milan

    Milan Junior Member

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Milan and I'm a 2nd year med student from Manchester University in England.

    Once i've qualified over here, i want to practice medicine in the States.

    People have told me things like if i go to the US, i will have to redo my residency over there and that it is extremely hard for UK doctors to get jobs in the US.

    Can anyone shine any light on this matter? Or do you know anyone i can get in touch with who does? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks. I have to go now and try to get my head around the Brain (no pun intended!) See ya!!

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  3. gower

    gower 1K Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 14, 2000
    New York
    Any graduate of a medical school outside the US and Canada, must apply for residency by first going through the Educational Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates. I do not have its address to hand, but it is located in Philadelphia. I wouldn't be surprised if the powers that be at Manchester know about them very well and may have an address. I can get you the address, but it will take a few days. Post a message here if you want me to get it for you. Anyway, you wouldn't need to deal with them until you have your medical degree.
    You will be required to take 4 exams to be eligible for residency training. However, unless you obtain a green card, a step on the way to US citizenship, you are not likely to get licensed to practice in the USA, and would have to return to England.

    Foreign medical graduates do not, as a rule, get the choice residencies. I suggest that you speak with some of your clinical faculty who may well be familiar with the US system and who may be able to give you some advice. I doubt that they will be annoyed with you for showing interest in going to the colonies; they are well aware of the difficulties in practicing in Britain.

    I visited your medical school in the mid-1980s when I was in Britain.
  4. Hi...

    You can find all the information you need at

    I might inquire as to whether your plans are to stay permanently in the US or to return to the UK after doing a US residency. If it is the latter, make sure you inquire as to the procedures to work in the UK with a US residency. You may still be required to sit for the Royal College's exam - which I hear is rather difficult.

    Consider doing some final year electives in the US - it will help your candidacy for a Us residency on two fronts:

    1) it will enable you to get a letter of recommendation from a "known" source - eg, US faculty

    2) will familiarize yourself with the US medical system and meet the requirements that some schools have for US/Canadian training during your undergraduate course.

  5. Milan

    Milan Junior Member

    Hi Gower!

    Thanks for your reply.

    No need to get me the address of the EFMG, since i've just been given it, but i appreciate the gesture.

    As for asking my 'clinical faculty' for info, well, since i don't start my clinical training until next year, at the moment, all my tutors are scientists and not clinical doctors. So that could be a bit of a problem!

    Just out of curiosity, why did you visit Manchester med school and what did you think of it?

    Laterz. See ya!!


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  6. Milan

    Milan Junior Member

    Hi kimberli!

    Thanks for your advice.

    By the way, I'm planning to stay in the US permanently.

    I am definitely going to do my 5th year elective in the States just to get a feel of what practicing medicine in the US is really like.

    Cheers to you too!!

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  7. Hi Milan,

    Since you would be planning on emigrating to the US, make sure you check out the Visa issues which are entangled with doing a US residency.

    Unfortunately, I can't offer any advice or information on this issue as I'm a US citizen, but there a lots of books and web resources out there which might help. Check out (I think its com, it might be .org) which might have info on the type of Visa you'll need to come here for residency as well as staying permanently (beyond marrying a citizen!).

    Although a little in advance, for your 5th year electives (I assume Manchester is a 5 year program, not a 6 year, as you can only do electives during your final year in the US), you will need to following to do electives at most US schools:

    evidence of malpractice/liability insurance which covers you in the US. Check with your school or current medical defense union for information on this.

    evidence of health insurance which will cover you in the US. Some schools will provide this but many ask for a separate policy.

    evidence of good academic standing at your school (usually someone in the curriculum office signs off on this)

    Some schools may also require a faculty "sponsor" - this is essentialy someone who agrees to supervise you while at the hospital.

    You might need a picture to apply - and you will need one for residency applications.

    Hope this gets you started.

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