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    Still learning a lot of what to expect while taking that path to becoming an MD. I noticed that for some specialities, there is a combination of a residency, internship and fellowship tenure. What is the distinction among the three types? Why is a fellowship needed when someone has already invested 3 or more years of training in a residency program? I apologize if this question should have been posted in the premed forum. Aloha.
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    Internship is the first year of your residency. A lot of specialties use either medicine or surgery for their internship.

    Residency is the actual post grad training.

    Fellowship is specialized training in a particular your residency of general surgery can lead to a cardiothoracic surgery fellowship.

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    internship -- the first year out of med school

    residency -- formal training in an area -- may include the internship year

    fellowship -- done after residency for further specialization

    So, let's say that I wanted to become a cardiologist. I would need to go through 4 years of medical school, 3 years of residency (this includes the intership year), and 3 years of a cardiology fellowship.

    Hope this helps

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