Residency interview--what does it mean?


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Jul 12, 2008
    So what do you think it means when after the interview, the interviewers give me their business card...? I don't wanna read into things, but that's a good sign right? sign to keep in contact? who knows?Any input will be appreciated! :)


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    Mar 24, 2005
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      Sorry to dash your hopes, but I don't think it means squat. Most people do that -- it's just a courtesy. I've gotten some folders with the cards for all the people we'd be meeting already stapled in it.

      It does make writing thank yous easier than trying to scribble down names and then look them up online to check the spelling, but I don't think it's like getting somebody's name at a bar.


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      Nov 30, 2008
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        Did every interviewer give you a business card? If so, it could be an institutional thing.
        But if not (really either way), I wouldn't take it as a definite positive sign, but it can't be a bad one, right?
        I've gone on a number of interviews and have never gotten anyone's business card. Not that my example necessarily translates to anyone else.
        But in any case, I would say that it could be a good sign and at the worst, no sign at all. It's alright to feel good about yourself!
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