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Residency match list of USC vs. UCI

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I fight crime at day when Batman are sleeping.
Aug 24, 2001
La La land, having moved on with life.
  1. Pre-Veterinary
Originally posted by calflowergirl
Thanks Jalby!!

Btw do you get paid to be on SDN? Seriously, you are ALWAYS logged in.
Are you a USC student?

I am soooooo bored most of the time. This is one of the 50 things I do to keep myself entertained. It kills a good 10 minutes every 2 hours. I do this along with read the LAtimes, newsweek, time, sports illistrated, cnn.com, msnbc.com, foxnews.com, espn.com, myspacce.com, and daily watch The Daily Show, CBS Evening news, the apprentice, friends, scrubs, average joe, playing it strait, some american idol, adn then I go to the gym and go running every chance I get. So basically I'm just passing time until something interesting comes around.


Senior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Dec 5, 2002
Jalby, do tell, how do you have all this free time? I want the life you lead in med school ;)

Or are you in one of those schools where you have a good amount of time allotted to study for the boards?
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