Feb 13, 2020
I am a Psych PGY1, my husband matched a competitive fellowship in a different state. I am very happy in my current residency and doing well in the program so I hadn’t really considered a transfer but lately everyday I keep thinking about doing another 2-3 year of long distance, we’ve already done one year long distance. It seems like it’ll be a lot of flights, money, time conflicts next year with us being in different states. The plan was that I’d hopefully match for child and adolescent fellowship in his program and move there during my fourth year but I keep thinking I should at least try to switch as a PGY2? I would only consider a transfer directly to his hospital, no where else. I’d rather stay at my residency or move straight to his. This is so conflicting because I do love my program and all my friends there and don’t want any conflicts in my work environment. I have heard horror stories about program retaliation and other issues with this process. What are others thoughts?
May 1, 2019
Not really the best forum for that kind of question. Basically I think you've answered your own question. You are in a great situation currently and those aren't easy to find. People switch programs all the time, but if it isn't for a medical emergency or other life changing event the programs do tend to look down on requests to transfer. You might want to talk to both programs and let them know what you are thinking and just plant the seed. Maybe they'll come up with a solution. A couple of years seems like a long time, but if you are in a great program then it will go fast. Best of luck with whatever you decide.
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