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    Nov 9, 1999
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    I have just recently been accepted to U of South Florida and am concerned about the reputation outside of our own system.
    The majority of my concern lies with in wondering what type of residencies I am going to lock myself out of.
    IF anyone has any opinions please let me know.

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    Oct 29, 1999
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    my opinion is who i am is defined by what i do...if i can suture tissues of the wounded, diagnose and treat the blindness or other problems of the diabetic, show people how to get rid of painful skin ulcers, and so on and so forth ad infinitum...there will always be something in medicine for me to do, and someplace that wants me...i went to all my working experience before going to medical school nobody asked me where i went to college or what my gpa was rather a question of what i could do for the company to help it make money...medicine, i do not think, is any different...who is going to give me a job...a person who has a problem...a bunch of patients in the waiting room he or she has no time for...what the boss wants is someone who can take real good care of those patients and send them on their way as best as is of my personal mentors is a person who has held very responsible positions at columbia medical school...originally he was from montana (which i think is great) get a job he cut transportation costs and bought a motorcycle, travelled around, and stopped at the first place that gave him a job...seems they were more interested in his vast knowlege of dna recombination stuff than what state he came from or how he got to new york city...regards...avi

    avi newman


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