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Nov 19, 2004
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What's the point of a residency or fellowship?

I have thought about it, and I have concluded that I dont want to be a clinical specialist, which takes more than 2 to 3 years to do so (at this rate, i should have gone to medical school) and the pay is barely competitive (not a skyrocketing pay), compared to a retail or hospital pharmacist. i have talked to hospital pharmacists who basically told me that you can work your way up during the process (making the money rather than doing a residency where the pay could be $12/hr) and eventually earn the position of a clinical pharmacist. Experience counts. The only good reason for residency is to be a pharmacy professor. I guess a residency to some is an escape away from retail.

I like to be in the pharmeucetical industry some day. Do you really need some sort of fellowship or residency to break into it? Or, just build some networking skill and gain entry that way?
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