Jun 8, 2012
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I have a complicated residency question...
I have applied using TMDSAS to Texas schools as a Texas resident because I am dependent on my mom who lives and files taxes in Texas. My mom and her entire family live in Texas, so I do have strong ties there and visit often.
However, I have lived in WA state for nearly my entire life. Currently live there with my dad who files taxes in WA, I went to school in WA, am registered to vote in WA, have a WA drivers license, etc.
When I talked to the University of Washington, they said that I would be considered a WA resident for admission purposes despite being claimed on my mom's taxes in Texas.

I am wondering if it is okay to claim Texas residency on the TMDSAS application, and WA resident on my AMCAS? Or would it be best to claim Texas on both?

I have actually spoken to each application service and neither can give me a completely straight answer on how it will affect my application... has anyone else applied as a resident of two different states on AMCAS and TMDSAS?
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Jul 26, 2009
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I will confirmed that no, you cannot be a resident of two states for purposes of TMDSAS

The below is quoted from the Executive Director of TMDSAS in answer to a question of the premed advisors listserve (emphasis added)

"Please refer to the TMDSAS website (www.tmdsas.com) for information on establishing Texas residency.

Unlike AMCAS, TMDSAS make ALL residency decisions for the purpose of admission to participating medical, dental and veterinary schools in the state. Further, we communicate frequently with AMCAS and will be aware if an applicant is claiming dual residency.

It is not really possible, according to Texas law, for an applicant to be both a resident of Texas as well as another state."
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