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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by daveshnave, Dec 8, 2001.

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    I figure I'd also try posting this in the residency forum since some of you might be able to help me too.

    Does anyone know how I can find info on applying for research fellowship programs for this summer between my MSI and MSII? It doesn't matter to me whether it's laboratory or clinical research. I just want to find something to get involved with in San Francisco for my last free summer. I'm at MCP Hahnemann here in Philly, but San Francisco is my home, and I'd like to come back for residency. Here at MCPHU I know we have summer research fellowships, in a mixture of both clinical and laboratory settings, where we get paid a stipend, and depending on the situation it's sometimes possible to get something publishable out of it. I know some of these fellowship spots go unfilled since it's everyone's last free summer, so I was wondering if you guys know of anything similar?

    Even if anyone could put me in touch with a list of researchers, it would be helpful. Heck, I don't even need a stipend- I'll work for free if it's something worthwhile. I'm just trying to justify spending my last free summer with girlfriend/friends in S.F. until I can come back for residency.
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