Sep 17, 2015
So wondering if I should retake biochemistry in which I got a C in, or take anatomy and physiology. I am currently in my gap year and unsure of which one to take. I am working at a research lab at a university while also volunteering and shadowing dentists.

Should I retake biochem as its a prerequisite for dental schools that I'm interested in or should I take anatomy and physiology as my biology isn't necessarily that strong?

I'm leaning towards taking anatomy and physiology and aiming to completely ace the DAT. If I do that do you think dental admissions will be somewhat okay with my C in biochemistry? The reason I don't want to take it is bc that class was extremely hard and intense. Weak excuse I know, but I studied my butt off and still got a C. Plus I'm not sure if I can manage an A the next time around... I have all As in my other prerequisites.

So if I ace the anatomy and physiology and get high DAT scores like 26 and above, do you think I would still have to retake biochemistry or no?

If I'm taking biochemistry then I'd just Take it during the fall semester.

Thank you.


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Sep 9, 2013
Dental Student
I think if you were able to pull a 26AA on the DAT, i'm sure they'll overlook that C. However, easier said than done. Don't sweat 1 C. As long as your GPA is good and the rest of your application is on point, then not much too worry about.


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May 18, 2012
Id take A&P instead. No point retaking biochem if you dont think you can get an A, retaking to just slightly improve wont look that impressive.

26AA huh? I was actually also aiming for that when I was studying. Fell short by 2 points though :/