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Retake MCAT or not? How much will the rolling admission delay hurt me.

Discussion in 'What Are My Chances?' started by VerbalKing, May 13, 2014.

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  1. VerbalKing


    Feb 26, 2014
    I currently have a 3.5 cGPA and a whopping 3.2 sGPA.
    I took the MCAT already and got a 32 - 10 PS 13 VR 9 BS.

    I already have my LoR done, and my application is essentially ready to be sent in June 1st if need be. I have fairly strong extracurriculars and I imagine above average research experience. I am really only THIS worried because of my GPA.

    HOWEVER! I looked at my chances and they don't seem very high, particularly because of the science GPA. If I retake the MCAT it would be on June 13th, and since I don't think I can send in my application as is and later update it that would delay me to mid July. I was told that delaying past June is a big no-no.

    I live in Ohio, and I was told that with my current GPA/MCAT I might get into Toledo/Wright State, maybe. And I would not stand a chance at OSU/Cincinnati/Case.

    I think if I get a few points higher on the MCAT I'd be in much better shape and potentially have a chance at my current school, OSU.

    Can I submit my applications and secondaries and then update with a new MCAT since I already have one?
    if no:

    If I get a point or two...or three more on MCAT is it worth the 1.5 month delay?

    Overall thoughts?
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  3. gyngyn

    gyngyn Professor Lifetime Donor Gold Donor SDN Moderator 5+ Year Member

    Re-taking a good MCAT when your deficiency is the sgpa seems like a bad idea.
    an early application is priceless.
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  4. VerbalKing


    Feb 26, 2014
    Really... if that's the case then that's that. For some reason I thought maybe I could apply with my score and retake and then update.
  5. WesternRedCedar


    Dec 14, 2013
    Retaking the 32 wont help your low sGPA. Get your sGPA up with more coursework, or just apply very early and hope for the best.
  6. gyngyn

    gyngyn Professor Lifetime Donor Gold Donor SDN Moderator 5+ Year Member

    You can but, many schools will make their interview decision based on the information available at the time of the review. Even so, your MCAT is fine. A marginally better score (or heaven forbid, a worse score) won't change the mind of a screener who is focused on the gpa.
    A late application should be avoided at all cost.
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  7. VerbalKing


    Feb 26, 2014
    Okay then. Thank you both very much for the response! Early application it is!

    I will have to read up on the possibility of potentially updating with another score, but I will definitely send in my application as early as possible.
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