Medical Retaking MCAT on 09/12, how will current MCAT affect me this cycle?

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Oct 27, 2013
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I'm applying MD/Ph.D. and received a 513 [127/126/130/130] on my MCAT. This isn't a bad score but I'm thinking about retaking in September since I already have a date scheduled and I've been studying since last week for the retake.

I want to bump my score by 5-7 points. On test day, I was thrown off by timing for the first two sections since I forgot what my checkpoints were so I didn't know if I was moving too slowly or too quickly. However, I'm continuing to work through practice questions.

I've applied to a mix of DO, MD-only, MD/Ph.D., and MSTP programs. I'm concerned that since my score is well below the average for an MD/Ph.D. applicant and my research hours are on the lower end (1500, no pubs) I'll automatically be rejected from interviews. In other aspects of my application, I think I'm competitive. I have over 1000 clinical hours, ~500 hours as a teaching assistant, ~400 hours for non-clinical volunteering, leadership. I asked for strong LOR for an MD/Ph.D. program from my PI's, so my LORs are likely good too. I'm a first-gen, low-income, and traditional applicant. cGPA: 3.97 sGPA: 3.95

I already updated my AMCAS with my new test date, but I can't add the new date to my secondaries since I submitted them already. By no means do I expect an interview invite anytime soon but I'm worried I'll get rejected before schools even see my new score. Will medical schools take into account that I have a second testing date before rejecting me or will they take my score at face value and just flat out reject me?

513 is a fine score. Retaking with that score risks declining in score, staying the same, or minor improvement (at or below your goal). Retaking with that score demonstrates poor decision making. Even if you retake and get a much higher score, I feel it will still be questioned why it was retaken in the first place.

Avg matriculant MCAT for MD-PhD has been 515-516 with SD of 5.4-5.9 over the last 3 years.

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Why would a med school reject you with a 513 score???? That's two basis point higher than the national median! With a 513, you don't even need DO unless you have a weak GPA.

Forget about MD/ can do plenty of research with just the MD.
Dude, I would really not retake with that score. If you get into MD only, you have options. You can do research with your MD, or you can apply MD/PhD from within (and get funded for all years beyond your first).

Apply. Do well. Congratulations on a great MCAT score, and please cancel your next MCAT date. You're in a great place to get in provided your GPA is good.
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The only problem is that I already submitted all my applications (primary and secondaries) before I had an MCAT score. Although a lot of the schools I applied to will consider applicants for both MD and MD/Ph.D. I'm concerned that by the time my application goes through the review process for the MD/Ph.D. program it'll be too late for MD review, if I was rejected for the MD/Ph.D. program. I could add more schools to my list but I already used up all of my fee waiver and I lost my job from COVID so funds are really tight right now.
My understanding of how MD/PhD programs work is that when you don't make the cut for MD/PhD, you go into the regular MD pool.

By the time you retake the MCAT it WILL be too late in the cycle.

As of right now, as MD/PhD programs only take superstars, you're done for that.

Frankly, applying without an MCAT was behavior contrary to your self interest.

What schools did you apply to? We can at least give you a heads up on your chances for IIs.
Perelman (MSTP)
Sidney Kimmel (MD/PhD)
Lewis Katz (MD/PhD)
Drexel University (MD/PhD)
University of Pittsburgh (MSTP)
George Washington University (MD)
Georgetown University (MD/PhD)
Cooper (MD)
Rutgers (MD/PhD)
Albany (MD)
Albert Einstein (MSTP)
Vagelos (MSTP)
Icahn (MSTP)
Grossman (MSTP)
Weill Cornell (MSTP)
Johns Hopkins (MSTP)
Boston (MD/PhD)
Harvard (MSTP)
Tufts (MSTP)
Yale (MSTP)
Vanderbilt (MSTP)
Washington University (MSTP)
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
Rowan University of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
I think you have a good list for MD, and you're likely to get several interviews. I would add on 5-10 more mid-tier schools given that your MCAT may not be compatible with some of the top tier schools you've applied to. You still have a small shot at places like Harvard and Yale, but I just don't think it's likely.

With your stats, DO shouldn't be necessary. Just consider if you would actually attend; I've seen many students apply DO and get cold feet if they felt like they could get in elsewhere, and declining your only acceptance, if it ends up being a DO school, could put you in a bad position.
That’s reassuring and I agree I think the T20s are out of the question now. I really like the two DO schools I applied to so I’d likely go there if I didn’t get into my other MDs. Right now it looks like my top choice is Albany since they have an internal MD/PhD program.
See what shakes loose. We can't predict the future, so take all of your secondaries seriously and do your best. Your story, stats, and experiences could inspire someone to interview you. We specialize in probabilities and not certainties.

I did notice that some schools that are quite prestigious (and some that are not so much but still have programs you could apply into) that you would be a great candidate for are not on your list. Case Western (has MD/PhD you could apply into), Lerner (even if only MD, their tuition is free and the curriculum is research heavy), Rosalind Franklin (has internal MD/PhD that I've seen people apply into if they love research) are three examples.

Also, if you get in MD only to any schools that have MD/PhD, you can still apply from within for MD/PhD after doing research, so I would not make Albany your top choice unless you truly love the school more than the other ones you're likely to get interviews at.
Sidney Kimmel
Lewis Katz
Drexel University
George Washington University (MD)
Georgetown University
Cooper (MD) IF from NJ
Albany (MD)
Albert Einstein
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
Rowan University of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
Chances good at the above
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