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Nov 30, 2009
As the title said. I didn't pass it the first time by 15 points, and that was pretty consistent with the official practice test (~420). I took it to heart, and studied way more. 100% self-study on Zuku and went over study guides made by others. Did the other two practice test and got 472-522 and 540-590 this time around.

I wasn't sure if it is because maybe I remember some of the answers from when I reviewed it with my friends the first time around, but I reasoned out each of the questions and felt pretty good/confident this time around. I took it yesterday and I felt I was so unsure about about so many of the questions afterward. It felt both so much more difficult than the practice and than the first time around. I'm honestly scare...I really don't think I passed again and this means I will have to withdraw from my internship. I'm honestly at wit's end...I don't think I do any better. I just can't seem to remember every little detail that the NAVLE wants to ask.


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Jan 11, 2016
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I don’t really have anything to say that can specifically help but don’t give up Hope yet! I felt the same way about navle the first time and it worked out okay. It’s a terrible test. Do you know when you will get results?
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