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Feb 5, 2009
I am going to be starting MCAT prep over the summer. I currentely go to a school that is not challenging and as a result I do not think I have learned a great deal about the information necessary for the MCAT. Could you guys offer me book suggestions that will thoroughly prepare me for the MCAT? I think I am set for the english section, but everything besides that I will need help.

I will have taken all pre-reqs as well as genetics before the MCAT>

Please list all the books which are recommended; money is not an issue.

I really appreciate this!


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Jun 27, 2007
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Biology: 1. EK Bio (for content) + BR Bio (for passages and further topic depth if needed) 2. TPR Hyperlearning, detail oriented 3. Kaplan

: 1. BR 2. Nova 3. TPR Hyperlearning 4. Kaplan

Verbal: 1. EK Verbal + EK 101 Verbal 2. TPR Hyperlearning 3. BR 4. Kaplan (Avoid if possible)

Organic Chemistry: 1. BR, by far 2. TPR Hyperlearning 3. EK/Kaplan

General Chemistry: 1. BR, by far 2. TPR Hyperlearning 3. EK/Kaplan

Extra Practice Material: 1. TPR Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook + TPR Hyperlearing Science Workbook, good source of practice passages 1. AAMC Official Guide to the MCAT Exam (most representative material available) 2. EK 1001 series, helps nail down basics
Apr 10, 2010

This question is actually for SN2ed, but I think that Dreaming big will find it helpful also! :) I was also looking for books that will help me study for the MCAT, and I came across this: Complete MCAT Book Package for Home Study http://www.mcat-bookstore.com/complete-mcat-courses. I was going to buy the $499.00 version, since I read a couple of blogs that said it was a good choice, but now I don't know what to do.

Could you please tell me your opinion on this. I was thinking that I could adjust the 3 month plan to this books. It comes with mp3s, are they going to be helpful? How about the DVDs? Flashcards any good? I just really don't want to buy something that is not worth it or get resources that are not going to improve neither my knowledge or my performance on the test.


Another thing I have read that EK has a couple of mistakes, so that worries me. I downloaded EK flashcards on PDF, just to glance at the material, and found a mistake myself, when mentioning the accessory glands for the male reproductive system they left out the bulbourethral glads, since they only mentioned the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland. So that kind of eliminated the EK books as an option, but know with your posts I'm not so sure. And whats up with the Audio Osmosis? Why audio about that subject in particular?

Thanks again
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