Revisit weekend with SO?


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Dec 5, 2006
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    Hey guys,
    My boyfriend and I are moving together to NY next year so I can attend med school in Rochester, and the revisit weekend is coming up in March. I was wondering if anyone knows whether it's appropriate to bring him with me to check out the area and start looking for a house? Thanks for any input!

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    Sep 16, 2006
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      haha funny thread, i am in the same situation with my girlfriend. actually she is applying to nursing schools while i apply to med schools. so we might use a second look weekend to find a place to live, but i dont think she will come to the second look festivities, definitely want to look available ya know...


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      Feb 26, 2006
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        I went to one revisit last year and several people (not me) brought their SOs, so I don't think it's at all weird. It might be school dependent, so when you get the invitation just call/e-mail whoever is the contact person for the revisit. But if you're going to be attending med school and bringing a SO along with you they should see the area where they're going to spend the next 4+ years.
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        Nov 22, 2006
          I went to 3 revisits last year, and brought my SO to all of them. Two of them explicitly stated the portions to which SOs were welcome (and/or had alternate events for SOs while prospectives were attending other events), and I emailed the third to ask (that school said SOs were welcome to attend the whole thing). So I'd definitely ask the school if your SO wants to attend the actual revisit part (and/or especially if you're going to use resources like student hosting or the school is paying for you to share a hotel with another prospective--even for lunch-type things, they'll probably need an accurate headcount).

          Even if the school doesn't officially allow SOs, it would still be a good idea to bring your SO to check out the area/start looking for potential housing. How many other people bring SOs varies--it seemed that my SO was the only one in attendance at one of my revisits, but there were lots of SOs at the other two. Have fun! :)


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          Jul 23, 2004
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            Bring him. He's probably going to go through periods over the next four years where he'll feel excluded, neglected, and ignored. Anything you can involve him in that's positive about the medical school experience is a good thing.
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