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Senior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Sep 2, 2003
Chicago, Il
Okay so I'm kinda at this point where I think I know everything I can know as well as I can. That was a lot of know's but you see what I'm saying. There are certain topics like for example anything to do with photons and emitting energy and redox stuff and passages about the soviet union to name a few that I just can't get.
Now there are two options 1. I can just accept this and pray that they don't show up on the mcat or 2. Ask your advice....(I'm thinking two would be the mature decision).
So what do I do I'm taking kaplan and i don't find the topical stuff helpful, the online stuff i dunno it's kinda good but what else can i do. I feel like if i can just over come this obstacle it will all fall into place. I await your replys.


DOctor begins with DO
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Oct 3, 2003
Milky Way Galaxy
Don't despair kiahs,

You will do fine. Personally I have trouble with solubility, magnestism, and the nervous system (the irony in that--being the queen of nervousness). Pray that it doesn't show up and if you do get questions that aren't you strong area just use educating guessing. hope this helps;)


Junior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Feb 17, 2004

A month is a long time to study. You might try to find a tutor or ask a professor for some help. Photons, emitting energy, redox, etc, can be understood if someone explains them to you clearly. Or look through your textbooks again, or try consulting different textbooks if yours are not clear.

Take a deep breath. Remember you don't need to be an expert on the subject or be able to do the toughest problems. Even getting a couple of extra problems right would help your score.
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Senior Member
15+ Year Member
Oct 14, 2003
Get a hold of the princeton review science workbook. They have a lot of doable passages that are not really passages in the sense that in the text of the passage they put a lot of information that wouldn't be included in a real mcat passage. This is intended to give you an opportunity to learn the material and quiz yourself immediately. They have quite a few passages on every topic, so you can target your weaknesses.
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