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Rochester PBL Curriculum


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Dec 29, 2007
    Rochester seems like a good school to me - supportive atmosphere, early exposure, pretty low cost of living, etc... However, I still feel a little hesitant about the PBL in its curriculum. Does anyone have any advice or more info he/she would like to share about PBL at U of R?


    coffee bunny
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    Oct 8, 2005
    1. Medical Student
      I'd recommend contacting one of the current Rochester students on the student contact list from the interview folder (you can also try the online student host list- remember the list that was on the online status page? It's still there!) or one of the students who helped with second look. They'd be your best bet to answer any questions that you might have about Rochester's curriculum. The way I understand it, Rochester uses an even mix of PBL, lecture, and lab/miscellaneous activities, so if you don't like one style of learning, there's always another route to understand the material. I don't recall hearing anyone say anything negative about PBL at Rochester. Of course, I'm not a medical student at Rochester, so I don't actually know how their PBL curriculum is. I really do recommend emailing a Rochester med student.
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