Rohen's for neuroanatomy?

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Aug 7, 2008
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My friends used Rohen's to study for Gross, and they are planning to use it for nueroanatomy too. Is it worth it for me to get one for nueroanatomy practical exam?

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If you don't already have one, and you are already done with gross, I definitely wouldn't waste the money.

2 reasons:
1. If you want to use it, they definitely will have multiple copies in the library.
2. If you want to buy something, your money would probably be better spent on a good neuro atlas which incorporates pictures. Ask at the bookstore. Keep in mind these can be found for free in your library as well.
Rohen isn't that useful for neuro. The thing about neuro is pathways which you just can't see grossly. Get an actual neuro atlas that should include that information also.
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The Hanes atlas is pretty unbeatable; you could also use the neuro HY
Do not waste your money on Rohen for neuroanatomy! You could easily find general, gross pictures of the brain online for free. However, you should definitly buy Haines especially if your course requires you to identify structures on brain/spinal cord sections.
Duane Haines is the way to go, and he has the best name of any textbook author.
I'd look over Rohens for major gyri/sulci and such for practical exams. It's pretty good. It was nice to review stuff in color. Haines was usually the bulk when it came to learning tracts/nuclei, though.