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Nov 3, 2004
Hi everyone,
I'll be attending loma linda school of pharmacy school in the fall. :) I was wondering if anybody will be going there also? It's a bold move that i'm looking for roomates on this message board but i don't know anyone down there and i hate bein alone :( . I'm a 24 years old female. I'm living with 2 guys and 2 girls right now so having a guy roomate is not a problem to me. I'm neat, organize, and easy going. I like living comfortably so i don't want to share a room or cut back on the ultilities. I prefer roomates that are neat, tidy, and not stingy with amenities. It wouldn't hurt if they're also sociable, easy going, and know how to have fun once in awhile. Anyway, if anyone is interested you can PM me.