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  1. I just decided on a 2 BR apt. close to school, vs. a 1 BR farther away. Too late to change now.
    I made my decision based on distance and some other factors that I won't go in to, but I had really really considered getting my own place just from hearing how so many people advocate living alone. So I feel kind of worried and would appreciate some reassurance.

    If you have nice roomate stories to tell, ie. "success stories", please please take a moment to tell me about it.

    Anyone get along just fine with their roomates? Anyone have any suggestions for finding a good match?

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    Check to see if your school has a student only list of people looking for roommates. Often they will include brief info about the person and their habits/preferences (smoking, pets, cleanliness, etc.).

    Otherwise advertise (stating any prefernces you have for a roommate) at school on bulletin boards or through e-mail and definitely have people come over to look at the place and use that opportunity to try and size them up.

    Good luck!
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    I got lucky and ended up living in the same city as my little sister. We have a 3 bedroom/3 bath apartment, which is nice, because it gives each of us our own space. I get along fine with my sister, and its nice because no one has to get offended about the little things.

    I agree with the previous post, ask your student affairs office if they maintain a roommate listing. Often they require you to complete a little survey so you can determine if you would be compatible or not.

    Even if my little sister didn't live here, I'd most definitely get a roommate. I'd go crazy living by myself. :p
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