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Rotations/residency programs for psych in NJ/NY/Philly???

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by LBG, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. LBG


    Mar 22, 2007
    Hey,..I am a 3rd year at UMDNJ-SOM and I am desperately trying to figure out where to set up psych rotations,...I have been advised by other students to try to do rotations at hospitals I want to apply to for residency,..Only problem is,..I want to stick around the Philly or NYC area and all the programs/program directors I have contacted seem to favor MD's and only have 1-2 spots,...People say MD/DO for psych doesn't matter b/c it is duel-certified but I just really want to know some hospitals in NY/NJ/and mostly Philly that some of you DO med students matched at so I can get an idea of where to apply/where to set up my 4th year electives,..

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  3. sasevan

    sasevan Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 31, 2003
    great question; like u, i'm interested in psychiatry and doing rotations in the NYC/Philly area sounds awesome.
    please post ur question in the psychiatry forum; the moderator in a DO and in his last year of psych residency in The City.
    also, some people there have posted that they matched in NYC (maybe they did rotations there before.
    good luck:luck:

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