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[Running out of time!] UCF (University of Central Florida) vs MCG (Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University)


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Dec 20, 2015
  1. Medical Student
Hello everyone! I just received an acceptance off of the waitlist at UCF! I feel incredibly fortunate to have two acceptances right now and are having a ton of difficulty choosing between the two...


- Pass-Fail First two years
- An older, more established school
- Closer to family and friends
- Roughly 10K cheaper per year.

- Located in Augusta, not as much to do out there when I am not hitting the books.


- Awesome communication/ experience with the admissions committee. This also seems to translate over to the faculty, as they seem to also be very responsive to the students.
- Higher average step scores (although step 1 most likely will be pass/fail)
- Located in Orlando/Lake Nona (much better location to explore when not studying!)
- Students looked happy to be there

- Letter graded preclinical
- Even after a scholarship, it looks like I will still be paying around 10K a year more to attend.
- few hours further from family, friends, & GF

Initially, I was extremely impressed with my experience interviewing at UCF (and still are), however, I feel that MCG may be a more logical choice, as there is a lower COA, it has pass-fail for preclinical, closer to family, is more established, and is ranked similarly with UCF.


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