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Discussion in 'General Residency Issues' started by Super Rob, Apr 16, 2004.

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    Most of the people who post in this forum have graduated med school and are starting/working on their residency, so I value your insight in answering these two questions:

    1) Does it matter where you attended medical school (geographic location wise) when you're applying for a residency?

    For example, if you go to a school with great school in the middle of nowhere and apply to big city residencies, will you be taken seriously? Conversely, if you've spent four years of medical school in Los Angeles, New York City, or someplace huge and densely populated and THEN apply to some residency in the country side or in the middle of the woods, will they look down on where you went for med school?

    2) When I used to ask med students how much "free time" or "time to enjoy themselves" they had during medical school, they'd look at me funny and say they spent all of their time working or studying. Lately, I've talked to a lot of medical students who say it really made a difference where they went to school because of... their classmates, the nightlife, the surrounding area, etc. How much time do you really have to enjoy life outside of school in your four years? Is it a large enough difference to say, choose a school you think you'd like LESS than another simply because it's in a location that you deem "more fun"? Or does it really just come down to how well you gel with your classmates no matter where you go?

    Thanks! I'm in the middle of choosing my UG med school and have vague ideas about the sort of career I want. I value your input enormously. Good luck in your careers and thank you for your help!
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    1) the geographic location of your medical school is probably dead last on the list of important things PD's look at, right behind if you wear glasses or contacts, or prefer ketchup or mustard on your corn dog :) if anything the "city slicker" or "country bumpkin" tag will make you easier to remember, and might give you an advantage come rank list time.

    2) your happiness in medical school affects your performance. if you are less happy at a better school but don't do as well academically, then it would probably have been better to go to a lesser school you'd be happier at. if you're a person who can be happy simply going back and forth from your school to your residence, then location doesn't matter. if, on the other hand, you like a little "action" you'd be better served choosing a school in a larger city. personally i did better academically not going to class, and being in a place where i could enjoy myself doing activities other than cow-tipping probably contributed to my success :)

    basically, do whatever makes you happier, cause in the end a happier student is (usually) the more successful student.

    --your friendly neighborhood caveman

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