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Oct 17, 2004
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Hey there...

I got a friend who is torn b/w ranking Rush or Loyola as #1 on their ROL (obviously the 'other' school will be ranked #2). Which school is more reputable/better ??? I cant 'recommend' one and they are really torn themselves. they both seem equally good! This is for both regular MEDICINE as well as for Med/Peds.

Thanks for the help!


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Aug 10, 2003
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I have heard Loyola is a significantly better medicine program. I too have a friend who interviewed at several Chicago programs, and he said Loyola was better than Rush and UIC, but he liked NW and UC better than those 3, as probably many people do.

Take this with a grain of salt. There are also other posts on SDN that have Loyola more highly regarded.
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