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Mar 14, 2003
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soooo Rush is named for Benjamin Rush, father of American psychiatry, who also happened to postulate that the color of Black people's skin comes from a leprosy-like disease. he went on to add that:" seeking a cure for this condition and subsequently removing the Negro’s blackness, a great service could be rendered to mankind...He therefore maintained that the removal of the Negro’s blackness would render him a certain amount of happiness since it was obvious that some Negroes had difficulty accepting their blackness: “Forever how well they appear to be satisfied with their color, there were many proofs of their preferring that of the white."

Interesting facts..interesting facts... what do we think of THIS legacy ladies and gentlemen?


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Jan 28, 2005
Times change, people change. Fortunately we live in an era in which such ideas aren't socially acceptable. In his era, these ideas may have been. This doesn't take away the fact that he contributed and incredible amount of work to psychiatry. We might as well tear down the Washington and Jefferson monuments at D.C. while were at it because they supported slavery.