Dec 12, 2013
I just passed my last exam and am graduating next week. I probably won't be able to sign up and take the NAPLEX/MPJE till mid-late Feb due to the lag between the school and the TSBP, and also because of the holiday season. After speaking to some of my classmates who graduated in May, they told me to use the Rxprep info and to post on this forum to see if anyone has any access to the online material. I would love to get started on studying right after the new year to give myself a little over a month, but I'm not sure when the 2014 version of the book will be available, so hoping someone has some information on how to access the online material.

Also, any advice on how to prepare for the MPJE in Texas? How long should I be studying for this, and should I study for it at the same time as my NAPLEX? I have the 2013 Law book and my review notes from class I was going to go over, focusing on Cass A and C pharmacies (based on classmate info), but after reading some threads on here, I figured it would be better to ask since people on here are really good at helping one another with advice.

Thanks in advance for any help, and have a great holiday season.

UPDATE: I just preordered the 2014 Rxprep book and it will not arrive till late Jan, early Feb, so any help with access to the online information will be greatly appreciated so I'll have more than two weeks to prepare. Thanks.
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