S2NED Package (without TPR Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook)

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Jul 13, 2011
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Hi everyone. I'm looking to sell the books that I used to study for the MCAT. They were a tremendous help to me, and I hope they will be of use to one of you guys too. The books have been marked, some more than others, but only in pencil and completely erasable. Most of these were bought brand new, and all are in great condition. I would like to sell the full set for $350 including shipping. I won't sell these individually. Please pm me if interested. The method of payment will be paypal. Here is a list of what the full set includes:

Berkeley Review 2012:
Biology 1&2 - some markings in pencil in the passages
Organic Chemistry 1&2 - pencil markings in the passages but the markings in book 2 are minimal
Physics 1&2 - extensive pencil markings in the passages
Chemistry 1&2 - extensive pencil markings in the passages

EK Verbal 101 - minimal highlighting and one passage marked in pen by the previous owner, pencil markings in the first few passages

EK 1001 series:
Physics - 50% pencil markings
Chemistry - pencil markings in first few pages
Organic Chemistry - extensive pencil markings

EK Bio - pencil markings in first three in-class exams