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Dec 6, 2006

I'm currently finishing the 2nd year in the 6 year Sackler Israeli program, and I'm thinking of doing my residency in the U.S. (I'm also a U.S. born citizen, if that helps at all).

1. How realistic it is to get into a good residency program in the U.S.? I understand that the competitive residencies are out of reach, but how is getting into something like gynecology? What should/can I aim for? What are considered good programs and where?

2. Will my pre-clinical basic sciences grades matter? Or only the clinical? Or only letters of recommendation? What grades would I need? How can I best improve my chances (grades, connections, volunteer work, etc.)?

3. If the ultimate goal is to work in the U.S., is it best to try get into a residency program there (even if not top-notch), or would it be better to stay in Israel and complete a good residency here and then move to the U.S.? Is this possible at all?

Sometimes I wonder if it may have been a mistake to learn here, and that I should have gone to a post-bacc program in the U.S. and tried to get into a program there. But given the current situation I wanted to know how best to improve it.

Any tips or advice will be much appreciated,
Thanks a lot!