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    Ok, I have a question about the NY State American Program in Sackler Medical school at Tel-Aviv University. First things first, I am a female, so no confusions about that.Secondly, I am NY State resident, born and raised and lived herein NY my whole life.Secondly, my father is an Israeli citizen, was born and raised in Israel.He taught me Hebrew since I was a child. I know it fluently, but not enough to be able to handle an Israeli medical program all taught in Hebrew, so I think the American program, which accepts 70 studnets a year is perfect for me.I am 21, graduating from a really good school with a degree in Occupational Therapy. My overall GPA is about a 3.3, and I am in two honor societies (Alpha Epsilon Delta for pre-meds, and Golden Key).I'm shadowing an M.D. this summer in his private office,and hhave lots of work experience (last summer did a research project with geriatric patients for a scholarship, work as a substitue teacher aide for BOCES=schools in Nassau county for developmentally, physcially, and psychiatrically disabled children, am a youth group leader for a jewish organization called Young Judea, have volunteered in elementary schools in Binghamton in a community service program called Best of America teaching kids how to accept each other and embrace diversity, worked as a receptionist/light medical assisting in an emergency animal clinic, am CPR/First aid certified, worked in the Binghamton University kosher kitchen and helped out a lot with setting up religious services and led the services on occasion,and volunteered as a dispatcheron Bingamton University's Harpur's Ferry ambulance, did a lot of Hillel work as well).Plus, I did a lot of volunteer work in clinics and hospitals to fulfill requirements to get into OT school.I plan to take organic chem this year and the MCATS, and apply to med school next year.Does anyone think I qualify?Does anyone know anyone who is in the program and can tell me whether I fit the criteria or not?I'd really appreciate the input.Thanks.
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    Be much affirmed. Assuming good O Chm marks and MCATS, I would say you may consider yourself as one who needs merely to go through the admissions process to be as good as in. You seem quite the perfect candidate.

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