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Safe place to live in dublin!?


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May 23, 2006
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Hey for anyone who has been living in dublin for a while... just wondering... where's a safe place to live that's relatively close to trinity?
Just wondering cause a few of my classmates were mugged during the first week and then moved to halls hahaha:eek:
anyways thanks!


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Dec 10, 2006
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  1. Medical Student
I've lived in Dublin for 20 years so I might be able to help. My main advice is stay somewhere close to St James's Hospital (since you're going to TCD).
Nice student areas are:
Ranelagh (so nice, very student friendly)
Rathmines (as above)
Drumcondra (nice, but cheaper than the above)

I wouldn't worry about safety in Dublin, like I said, I've lived here 20 years and neither me nor my family has ever been a victim of crime. You'll be in the city centre everyday so if you're going to get mugged then you're going to get mugged unfortunately.
If you have any more questions about Dublin just ask.


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Jan 2, 2001
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to be honest, i wouldn't really move to SJH til clinical years. There have been improvements, but it's still not the safest place (Kilmainham, islandbridge) and if you're out in town it wouldn't be advisable to walk home, you'd have to taxi every time.

Near Trinity, there's Christchurch but stay on the side of Christchurch that's actually right besides Christchurch, Ranelagh, Ballsbridge (more expensive but if you share with others it's alright), some have apartments just off Grafton St. or Dame St. There are some apt's in Temple bar too that are nice if you share, but they can be very loud at weekends and holidays. Smithfield has also gotten nice, and places near Jervis centre.

You're not really completely safe from mugging anywhere in Dublin, but just play smart and you'll be fine. It might cost a bit more but it can be affordable if you do some searching. It's easiest to pick somewhere that you can walk home to quickly after a night out.
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