Safety around UHCO area


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Oct 31, 2005
    Hi everyone,

    I have to say this forum is filled with good questions and answers.
    I have one for anyone attending or planning to attend UHCO. I was planning on applying to UHCO and started looking into housing in the area. I've never visited the campus but I was very discouraged when I found out that it is not in a very safe area. Century21 has a neighborhood statistics scale. If I was by myself I wouldn't worry too much but I have a family and I need to consider their safety.
    Can anyone shed some light on the type of house market is in there? what areas do you recommend to either buy or rent a house?
    what about transportation? maybe that would be an option for living outside the school area.



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    Apr 25, 2001
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      Most everyone at UHCO does not live in the immediate vicinity of the school (yes, the area around it is a little shady) But, that's why UHCO also gets a HUGE under-served patient base.

      Most students live in an area called Condoland right near Reliant Stadium. There are many buses that run through the area, but most students drive to school. It's less than 10 minutes driving from that area to the school.

      Hope this helps
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      Oct 25, 2005
        Somewhere around the Reliant Center would be great, but renting or buying a house in that area would be quite PRICEY. I would look into one of the many apt/ condo complexes along OLD SPANISH TR. by Reliant in the area previously mentioned!

        As long as you don't roll down your window for the men in bowties selling magazines at stoplights, as you approach UHCO, you should be fine! :)


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        Oct 24, 2002
          Yeah, I don’t know of any OD student who lives in the neighborhoods next to the school. Some of the students with families do live outside of Houston (Pearland, Clearlake, and northwest Houston). I personally don’t know these areas, but these students think that these areas are better for families.

          There are also many apartment locators in town. They usually know about specials that may be going on, and their service is free. I used Drew Pursell (713-521-7368); he was the most professional one that I saw.
          Keep in mind that even though students live in the Holly Hall and Reliant areas, these are generally the cheapest apartments around, and many complexes there are quite ghetto.

          I’ve been in Houston since July, and so far I haven’t heard of any problems regarding safety in campus.
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