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Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by mr.annoying, Apr 26, 2002.

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    Apr 6, 2002
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    hi all-

    If anybody here attends Saint Louis University School of Medicine, or has visited there for an interview, could you give me some helpful insights regarding strengths of attending the school? I recently got accepted to SLU, but my interview was regional and I never got to see the campus or city. I'm currently holding an acceptance at Albany Medical College which I actually liked, so I'm sure you can see how this can be tough for me to decide whether or not I want to hold the SLU acceptance. Thanks in advance for any help out there!
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  2. jel27a

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    Mar 13, 2003
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    I go there and i love it. The faculty are very supportive and the city is a lot of fun.
  3. SLU I would say has a better, and rising, reputation than does albany. I think you would be cheating yourself not to keep it.
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    it is my understanding that slu is outstanding in the fields of geriatric medicine, molecular biology/genetics, and hepatology. of course, the other school in the city is pretty good in a few things as well.

    there are some people who complain about the city and the weather, but i find it ok. i have no basis to compare it with albany, though.

    class chemistry is important to consider, although it is, of course, difficult to qualify. whether you go to albany, slu, or any other school, you'll find your own group of friends. i can attest that the atmosphere at slu, however, is very relaxed and friendly. i have had upperclassmen approach me just to ask how i was doing. even the gunners in class are particularly nice and helpful.

    in terms of facilities, space appears to be a problem at times. the student lounge, although it has foosball, table tennis, and air hockey, has a tangible crustiness about it. wifi is limited to about half of the medical school complex.

    positives regarding facilities at slu include the new addition of 42" plasma screens to about 20 small group study rooms. also, groundbreaking for an $80 million research building is set to begin soon.

    if you have anymore questions about slu, ask.
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  5. Doctor Wyldstyle

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    Mar 22, 2001
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    Mr. Annoying, take a break and fly out to StL for Mardi Gras and see SLU if you can. Anyways, we understand the difficulty of a regional interview. Here are some ideas why SLU is SLU. I revised this from an early post of mine.

    1. one of the 4 jesuit medical schools (especially if you went to a jesuit undergrad, you understand)
    2. diverse class (many different religions, ethnicities though a little low on latino med students)
    3. large african american population and the student run clinic (the HRC) that caters to a large population of aa's.
    4. large bosnian and vietnamese population
    5. the university hospital caters to the city of st. louis and its 24% poverty level (most large cities have poverty rates of about 12%)
    6. growing latino population and La Clinica (the clinic in south st. louis for primarily latinos)
    7. great match list (especially if not sure if you want specialties or primary care)
    8. awesome rotations (good number of specialites at slu are in top 50 in nation), hepatology is one of nations best, same w/geriatrics
    9. you can do electives in medicine (like shadow docs or do community projects) as early as your first year. Yes, so that can count as clinical experience.
    10. the city is unique in itself, its one of the most segregated but integrated cities in the nation. research it.
    11. its hybrid pbl and traditional lecture (like most schools), it evolves and improves with time. Administration seeks feedback with curriculum.
    12. Well rounded great teachers. I had one Cardiology physican/professor dress up as superman on halloween, a pediatrics physican lecturing on toxicology actually rap on stage, and biochem professors who were features on unsolved mysteries and incorporate the show into their lectures. A pathology professor acts in plays.
    13. Good opportunities for research in St. Louis if you wish with the school. If you choose to do outside rotations or electives/research, alot of schools remember having SLU students and are very excited to have a slu student even if you go to let's say UCLA etc or other west coast school.
    14. Everyone raves of Wash U of St. Louis research prowness, but when it comes to clinicians, SLU is well regarded in StL. A good number of underserved and poor patients are frequently turned away from Wash U and sent to SLU's hospitals.
    15. Finally, people sometimes complain about there school. The administration in my humble opinion has strived to make sure we are happy as students. They've addressed concerns about tuition, comfort level, stress, and board scores with us over the years when we bring them up. That's priceless. Look for that in all your schools you interview for. Good luck.

    I don't know how far Albany is from NYC, but StL is a pretty major metropolitan area of 3.5 million people. Contrast that with the 2nd largest city in the nation of Chicago which covers a smaller area but same population. Nevertheless, Stl isnt shabby at all and not as ghetto as when I came. The crime rate is the lowest since 1962 as of this year. :D

    hope that helps,
    class 2005
    slu school of medicine

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