Salary for new grad ortho PA


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Mar 24, 2004
    I'm PA student in Los Angeles, CA, and am going to be working in an orthopedic surgeon's office when I finish this year because he sponsored me (in other words, paid for my tuition). I used to be a surgical technician for 8 years and scrubbed on a lot of orth cases, even first assisted sometimes, including joint replacements, etc. I was wondering when the time comes for me to discuss salary, what amount would be fair considering that he paid for my tuition ($22,000) and that I have surgical experience?


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    Aug 26, 2001
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      Tuition assistance aside, most ortho and surgical pa's make >65 k to start with long term potential 80-100k+.
      more with an ortho residency. also discuss 1st assistant fees. an ortho pa friend of mine gets 10% of every surgery on top of a base of 90k + on call fees(he did a surgical residency).


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      Jul 22, 2004
        Bump...i'm curious what info someone might have on this topic as well. I've seen lots of salary inquiries; however, they mostly seem to be clogged with bickering :( Anyone have a straight answer? thanks
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        Jun 1, 2004
          One other thing to consider. A salary is not just the paycheck, the benefits count. Approximately one third of your salary is the amount the employer should be willing to pay for health insurance, retirement, holidays and vacation. so if you are making a salary of $75 K your employer is probably paying that and another $25 K for the benefits.
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