Oct 7, 2014
Truckee, CA
Ok, so I am planning on applying in June 2015. Any advice on my scheduling? I work a full time job in addition to this schedule.

Already have my B.S. in Civil Engineering & Mathematics. Also have M.S. in Civil Engineering with Structural Dynamics background. Previously published 4 papers in ski safety research, (2) 100 page research papers, and started a non profit around research with 3 other colleagues. Have great long standing relationships with LOR's. Extensive EC's: used to be on US Ski Team, competitive skier for 15 years, volunteer with SOS ski charity to introduce at risk youth to skiing. Over 10 years of tutoring. Also have a graduate teaching certificate from when I got my masters. Want to go into academic and clinical medicine.

3.3 uGPA
3.5 graduate GPA
3.4 bcmp GPA
3.9 postgrad GPA

What do you think of my chances as a candidate and about my schedule?

I have the following prerequisites already completed: Math, Abnormal Psychology (A), Sociology (A), Biology(A-), Biology 1 lab (A-), Physics 1 (B), Chemistry 1 (B), Chemistry 2 (A).

Hired as Medical Scribe in ER (average 30 hrs/month)

Fall 2014
Genetics (online)
Organic Chemistry I & Lab
Biology II
MCAT Prep (starting in Nov. 15)

Wintermester 2015
Biochemistry (UNE online) 4 credits

Physics II & Lab (4 cred)
Organic Chemistry II & Lab
Biology II Lab (2 cred)

FEBRUARY 2015 - Final requests & roundups for LOR's
MARCH 2015 - International Research Conference (Italy), Published Paper & Presentation (4th time attending, 4th published paper)
APRIL 18. 2015 - MCAT
MAY 2015 - Committee Letter Interviews from Undergrad Institution



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Mar 16, 2014
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Medical Student
Everything looks good! Where did you ski for, I raced in PNSA for like 15 years