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Oct 13, 2009
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I already posted a similar question in the Mizzou Class thread, but I'd like to make a new thread here so I can hopefully get more answers. Plus, there might be others in the same situation who would like some insight.

School1 - guaranteed full tuition for 4 years

Mizzou - full tuition year 1, at least 10k per year for yrs 2-4.

I like Mizzou a bit more than school 1, and it would be more convenient to go there since it's close to where I live now and my wife's parents could still help watch my daughter on the weekends. Is it possible to call Mizzou and ask them to match school 1's offer? Will that make me look like a greedy jerk? A big goal of mine is to minimize debt, so if Mizzou can't match I will definitely go to school 1. Thanks for the help.


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Mar 30, 2009
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well if the current scholarship conditions stay the same and you would definitely go to school 1 over mizzou, then why not ask? you dont have anything to lose in my mind, especially if you would 100% choose the cheaper school. now, if you would still consider going to mizzou over school 1, even if they didnt match the scholarship, then i would reconsider asking them.