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Do you guys call to check if the schools received the checks, photographs etc? I called Columbia and BU and both of them said they can't check for me right now. Or do you just wait till the schools mail you the card telling you they received them? Do they mail only after they received the AADSAS info?



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I called Columbia yesterday and asked him about my application and he put me on hold and got my app and was just like, "what are you DAT scores?" So I just assumed he received everything else. Sometimes phones are ringing off the hook and the dean is coming in the door and chaos is going all over the place. That's why, they might have given you the cold shoulder. I called Case yesterday and they said they haven't received my check or my recs yet and I sent them a month ago. So sometimes the schools courier service is very slow. NYU said that things are so chaotic right now that they aren't even looking at any apps until middle to the end of september.



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Oct 7, 2001
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Calling to check your application status is corny, however I highly recommend calling to check the status of your application items. Specifically, whether fees or letters were received. After all, many schools won't consider your app. complete unless they have these items. Early December is NOT the time you want to find out that your check was stolen in the mail, or misplaced.
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