MPH school/dept advice needed


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Feb 5, 2014
    Hey y'all

    I am currently an undergrad and have been admitted to a few MPH programs (listed below) and would like any input regarding these schools and departments. I'm interested in managed care/consulting/government jobs. I'm only able to visit Emory (since I'm an undergrad there), so any comments are appreciated.

    Dartmouth - generalist
    GW - Health policy
    BU - HPM
    Emory - HPM
    Tulane - Global Health Systems and Development


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    Dec 25, 2009
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      Look at job listings you would be interested in and see what they require, academically and in terms of experience. Look at what the schools offer for both. In my experience at Tulane, the courses actually offered (compared to what's listed in their catalog) was limited. Job/experience opportunities were good for community health and biostats, but I didn't see a lot of postings around school for other depts. Emory seems like a much better choice compared to Tulane. I can't say much about the other schools since I never researched,applied to, our attended them.

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      Mar 11, 2008
        If I was in your position, I would go to GW or Boston. The DC environment has almost certainly the highest concentration of health policy and consulting shops and they all have lots of work helping to navigate different aspects of the ACA. I'm not as familiar with Boston but I feel like that would also be a really strong choice for that sort of work, given its large world-famous hospital system and the Massachusetts health insurance system, both of which are often on the forefront of health care issues.

        You could still go to either place if you studied elsewhere, but the potential opportunities and relationships and projects you could have during the MPH would help you transition more naturally if already working in that area.


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        Jan 25, 2012
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          I think that Emory is an excellent choice. I'm currently a 2nd-year Emory grad student concentrating in HPM with a focus on policy. The possibilities are endless. Managed Care, Consulting, and Government jobs are 3 really different areas but I know that my education has prepared me to enter any of the three when I graduate this May. Not only are there courses that will directly prepare you for these fields, but Rollins has incredible connections all over the country that will help you when it comes to looking for the internship and/or job of your choice. Feel free to message me if you have specific questions.
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