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Dec 20, 2007
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I think i accidentally deleted my other thread so here goes again...
AMACAS open in a day so im compiling the list of schools im gonna apply to.
About me: CA resident, East Asian (double fubar), GPA 3.73, MCATS 35 (12,11,12), extensive basic science research (gonna finish my MS next year and hopefully publish soon), clinical volunteer + shadowing, community service and all that other healthy goodness. Heres the list i have thus far:
3. UCI
4. UCD
5. USC
6. Loma Linda
7. Stanford
8. George Washington University
9. NYU
10. BU
11. Tufts
12. University of Chicago
13. Drexel
14. Temple University
15. Georgetown
16. New York Medical College
17. Albert Einstein
18. Mount Sinai
19. Case Western
20. University of Pittsburg
21. Rosalind Franklin
22. Emory
23. SUNY Stony Brook
24. SUNY Buffalo
25. Vanderbilt
26. Wake Forest
27. Thomas Jefferson University
28. Tulane
29. University of Rochester

The numbers just let me keep track of how many schools i have on there and does not indicate my preferences...What do you guys think? Which ones should i take off? which ones should i tack on? I've searched SDN for all the schools that might be friendly to CA residents and that my stats give me a realistic shot at...Do i have enough "safety" schools? well...apparently being from CA, there are no such things as safety schools.

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Your post was not deleted. It was moved to the "what are my chances?" thread. Users are encouraged to post their general questions about chances and school lists there. Click on the last page and you will find your post.

Users can submit further replies to the OP's question there.

Closing this thread as it's a duplicate.
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